ROB REIHER, Ph.D.                                                             Founder & C.E.O. of FutureWise Inc. and MindStyle Matters

From a background of over 40+ years of product and program development, Developmental Media Psychologist, Rob Reiher has integrated neuroscience, consciousness research, and personal development into a strategic and practical framework for understanding how to develop your MindStyle in a world of increasing “noise” and uncertainty.

After several years of working in the context of commercial product and program development, Rob, frustrated with the lack of concern for the integration of human developmental dimensions into product development, divorced himself from this context to shine a light on the topic of MISINFORMATION and INFORMATION OVERLOAD. The result was a new and more integrated approach to self-improvement and the development of positive products and programs, called MindStyle.

In a world of rapidly accelerating NOISE, the three critical dimensions of Awareness, Ability, Control have become increasingly "dis-integral" and disconnected, creating higher discord and complexity for skills leading to a sense of PURPOSE and POWER. This in turn impacts the positive developmental changes that occur with businesses, individuals, families and especially young children.

The MindStyle paradigm for change was employed to understand the idea of how to make elevated choices for the future, from these three separate but interconnected dimensions of learning...Awareness, Ability and Control.

From his psychology background of more than forty years, Rob brings a broad combination of integral training and experience from business, counseling, communication, education, media and entertainment. He has been actively involved as a researcher, counselor, teacher, speaker and product and program development consultant. In the past, Rob has also served as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology and created the first Innertainment course in the nation at Woodbury University in Burbank California, Sober College in Woodland Hills California, and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Innertainment continues to evolve, as a new and unique methodology for self-improvement with families, children, professionals and businesses This method creates a clear distinction from entertainment, based on brain research and the principles of human development. The Innertainment model uses the motivational potential and compelling nature of today’s entertainment mediums in unique ways, to increase the levels of PURPOSE and POWER through changes in Awareness, Ability and Control.

With the Entertainment Economy, Experience Economy and Digital Economy ( gaining momentum, products and programs that ONLY fulfill the traditional definition of entertainment, as in “diversion” (n.: an activity that is diverting and that holds our attention) to open up entertainment's higher potential. Instead, entertainment becomes a way of coping and compensating for the increasing NOISE and uncertainty that surrounds us, but not truly capable of propelling our society toward the changes necessary for the growth and longevity of the planet. Innertainment, on the other hand, integrates a unique set of MindStyle principles into the entertainment category.

We can no longer afford to be immersed and “lost” in a world of amusement and distraction, but instead, we must sharpen, not dull, our attentional and intentional skills toward a positive future by elevating our choices in alignment with a new and transformational Elevation Economy.

Rob has co-authored two books, What Kids Buy Why and Kidnapped:How Irresponsible Marketers Are Stealing the Minds of Your Children with Daniel Acuff, Ph.D. Reiher and Acuff discuss the developmental parameters for creating enriching and more elevated media along with how parents can determine and evaluate positive consumer products and programs for their children.

Currently, Rob is completing the book MindStyle Matters, focused on the rapidly accelerating Cycle of Noise in contemporary society. In his book, Rob discusses how the diversity and impact of disempowering information, derived from accelerating technology, is affecting the TIME we devote to the alignment of our inside information stream with our outside information streams.

In addition, Rob is continuing to create a series of MindStyle products and programs, along with a series of podcasts for families at Live Above the, with his podcast host from Canada, Wayne Yercha.

                                            J.D. Newman                                                                                              Mindstyle Learning Specialist 

    For 15 years, J. D. Newman has been an influential leader in education and brain-based learning. Her studies in English and Education come from the Claremont Colleges and the University of LaVerne, she has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research as it applies to elevating the learning experience. She currently works with parents, their children, and employers to infuse enthusiasm for learning through her co-created MindStyle approach, which addresses both outside and inside influences on learning. With training in neuroscience in education alongside the implementation of Multiple Intelligences and Arts Integration into all classrooms, Newman is a confident, authoritative writer who is accessible to anyone looking to lift their understanding of our educational system.

In the Mindstyle Matters programs, Newman's "honest teacher-from-the-trenches" viewpoint ensures practical yet effective strategies that parents can use to improve engagement and success in school. These powerful strategies are that each student’s needs and gifts. There is so much that parents can ask for--so much they can do--that they don't know about, from School Time Design (nothing like time management) to new research in learning and nurturing children as lifetime learners in the home. Kids and teens do not have to live in our world labeling themselves as underachievers or loosing weeks of due to overpacked schedules. We offer parents powerful, one-step-at a time shifts and tools to help elevate their children out of anxiety and depression related to school." 

Mindstyle uses a 360-degree view of a young person's life now, and growth from an internal and external perspective. But parents who think they have no power, will discover that they are incredibly powerful in their children's lives today."

     As a passionate and award-winning educator in both academics and the arts, Newman has dedicated her life to helping individuals realize their true potential and discover innovative ways to learn. She believes that learning should be an individualized process, taking into account personal interests and perspectives as well as outside influences. By utilizing all aspects of Multiple intelligences, Newman helps students develop critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, and real-world applications for knowledge gained in the classroom. In addition to nurturing lifelong learning, Newman also emphasizes a balanced family life through her Co-Creators approach, allowing individuals to make one small but valuable change every day.


Position Overview:

The Learning Specialist is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional who specializes in optimizing the learning process for individuals. This role combines expertise in brain-based learning, neuroscience, multiple intelligences, arts integration, individualization, personal interests, critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, co-creativity, and mindstyle management. The Learning Specialist works with learners of all ages and backgrounds, employing innovative and personalized approaches to foster a positive and effective learning experience.