The Mindstyle Matters Newsletter was created by a Developmental Media Psychologist and an “in-the-trenches”Learning Specialist in order to support Conscious Businesses and Conscious Business Parents. As mental health and creativity took drastic drops in the last decade, at the same time, the effect of media saturation changed our lives and the lives of our children.

Founded on breakthroughs in media, developmental and cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and brain-based education, Mindstyle Matters offers profound, positive, and powerful actions for businesses and working parents who know that more than superficial advice is needed now. At the same time, Mindstyle Matters offers scaffolded, do-able, and valuable strategies. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to change the course of your family’s life or your employees’ lives, toward the conscious, the creative, and the full potential they possess. Make the Mindstyle shift with us today. Subscribe to our newsletter and gain valuable ways to reverse the overwhelm and anxiety now.

                                                             Why Mindstyle Matters

In an age of overwhelm, parents have more positive power than they realize.

    When Dr. Reiher and I first met about this newsletter, we both expressed a strong desire to help parents whose deepest worries concerning their children were about their mental health (anxiety and depression), bullying (expanded by social media), and safety in a world where safety seems less possible.

                   The Truth About  Work-Life Balance

Why it isn't working and how supporting three psychological qualities can boost Work-Life Wellbeing instead. 

What Happens When Work-Life Balance has a Blind Spot: Kids?

                                  MindStyle Joyriding          

Our crises in well-being and mental health may be based on the relationship between time and technology.                                                                        Rob Reiher, Ph.D.

                               The INNER Edge: Part I

  We can expand and deepen our view of well-being today when we view it from the perspective of accelerating levels of information and the regulation ratio                              by Rob Reiher Ph.D.  

THE HERO'S CORNER: Who do your kids look up to today?


Parent Power Step 2:

Does your state mandate enough recess time? It improves cognition and mental wellness. Fight for it!